CNS, you’ve been boom toasted, Barney Frank style.

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Urban Dictionary has the wrong definition of boom toasted

According to Urban Dictionary:

Boom Toasted: The act of being tan.

Boom Toasted: An expression interjected immediately after communicating something complimentary, slightly or very cheesy, nice, and/or possibly suck-up-ish to someone’s face (most likely in a group setting) about that person. (Similar to a formal toast at a wedding or special event.)


Boom toasted… and frozen by the ice

Toasted and frozen

How to know if you’ve been boom toasted

  1. If someone makes a snide comment or dig at you followed by the phrase “boom toasted” you’ve been boom toasted.
  2. If someone makes a snide comment or dig at you followed by the phrase “boom roasted” but you feel that it was on the weak side or maybe not very creative, you’ve actually been boom toasted. Feel free to correct your insulter.

Definition: Boom Toasted, Verb

Boom toasted is a variant on boom roasted. It is a dig that is not so offensive or hurtful as a to justify saying boom roasted.